The Path to Great Partners, The Nobu Way

I am thrilled to have spent the last several days in Barcelona at the Sofia Hotel attending the first Nobu Hotels Global Conference, which consisted of a team of passionate leaders including Nobu General Managers, Directors of Sales & Marketing, and Corporate Leaders along with a few selected preferred partners.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the visionary behind the famed brand has inspired this fast growing hotel company around his simple passion for making guests happy.  This is Chef Nobu’s Kokoro, which is Japanese for passion, heart and life’s purpose, and remains the core of the company’s philosophy. Chef Nobu sets the example for his team, who he considers family. He is a kind, humble, honest person who has truly created something special.  “We are fun. Our colleagues are those who think differently. Our specialness is not created in the boardroom. We are entrepreneurial; we make mistakes but we get up and recreate. And that’s the Nobu Way”. —Nobu Matsuhisa


The birth of Nobu as a brand was nearly 25 years ago with the first Nobu Restaurant in New York, which has grown to more than 40 restaurants covering 5 continents and 4 Million customers annually. Today Nobu Restaurants are the most googled restaurant in the world, offering a vibrant, social scene for the “it” crowd. Nobu Hotels is centered around the restaurants, hiring fun, genuine people who think differently with an entrepreneurial spirit. Like the restaurants, Nobu Hotels is committed to making people happy through great, genuine service with exceptional, but simple Japanese inspired rooms product. Just as Nobu recipes include the highest quality ingredients, Nobu rooms features the highest quality 400TC organic linen by YOGiiZA.

Nobu Ibiza Bay

Nobu Ibiza Bay

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve Nobu Hotels as an extension of their team. I am especially grateful for Trevor Horwell, CEO and Struan McKenzie COO of Nobu Hotels, who have supported our company from the beginning. I met Trevor and Struan back in 2010 when they were first starting Nobu Hotels. It has been incredible to watch the growth from zero to now 8 opened hotels, which will double next year and expected to grow to 60+ hotels by 2027. Opportunities truly present themselves when remaining opened, honest & present. Oliver Collection is now the approved linen supplier for Nobu Hotels. We’ve created a custom 400TC linen made with long staple organic cotton, exclusively for Nobu Hotels. Last year we supplied the opening of Nobu Ibiza Bay, which I’m thrilled to say was a huge success.

"Our Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is using YOGiiZA for all bed linen, to set also a clear statement for organic products and we were very pleased with the support and treatment provided. It was and is in perfect quality, received in perfect time and with a great communication with the owner of the company Dawn, which really helped in optimizing delivery and quality. We are very appreciative of the top level of service we received at very reasonable rates.” - Enrique Mandl, Former General Manager of Nobu Ibiza Bay.

Thank you Nobu Hotels for your partnership. We are excited grow together. 

Dawn Oliver