Hotel Leaders Make Massive Positive Environmental Change

This short 2 minute video from National Geographic is super important and powerful, highlighting Climate Change 101 and the impacts of CO2 on our planet. The message in the video is to change to renewable energy. 

Hotel leaders may also like to know that they can make a HUGE positive environmental impact by simply choosing Organic Linen, opposed to conventional linen.  By changing to organic towels & linens for every 1000 hotel rooms You will reduce your carbon footprint by 229,333 lbs annually! YES, this is the savings every year! Not to mention eliminating 76,437 lbs of hazardous chemicals out of our drinking water every year as well. The choice is so simply. As industry leaders You have so much power to make massive positive environmental impact. 

We are working hard to deliver premium organic towels and linens at the same price you are paying for conventional, so it's a no brainer! Forward thinking Hotel companies such as Nobu Hotels and 1 Hotels are already making this impact and many more in the works! 

Thank you for listening. Message me if you would like to review the EPIC, Environmental Positive Impact Calculator to determine the difference your organic choice will make on the planet. 

-Dawn Oliver

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