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Change ONe Towel Change the Planet


The choices you make manifest the Planet you choose.........

Do you want to continue with the status-quo choices that have brought the Planet towards the brink of destruction?

Do you want your brand standards for Terry and Linen to contribute to massive environmental pollution?

For every old cotton towel that you change for a YOGiiZA, organically farmed, cotton towel you will reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 1.4 lbs. You will also eliminate 1/3 lb of cancer causing chemicals. This does not sound like a lot to the average consumer, but for an entire hotel or hotel brand the savings are enormous. For example: a hotel that maintains a 4 PAR inventory level will save approximately 33,000 lbs of CO2 and 6,000 lbs of Toxic Chemicals for every 100 rooms. A 1,000 room hotel will reduce its carbon footprint by 330,000 lbs and eliminate 60,000 lbs of cancer causing chemicals. A brand with 20,000 room offerings will reduce their carbon footprint by approximately 6,600,000 LBS and eliminate 1,200,000 lbs of Toxic chemicals from the soil.  Remember these numbers are based on annual Towel and linen consumption. Over 10 years the same hotel brand would reduce their Carbon Footprint by 66,000,000 lbs and prevent 12,000,000 lbs of cancer causing chemicals from being used. On top of all this, organic farming typically Reduces Water Pollution by 90%

The Oliver Collection offers Hotels organic cotton Terry and Linen products. This gives hoteliers the opportunity to make choices that reflect their brand's image and intentions to save the Planet in a real quantifiable way.

To calculate your specific environmental savings by swicthing to YOGiiZA towels and linens we have created the EPIC (Environmental Positive Impact Calculator) . This is a user friendly spread sheet that allows you to input your own Cotton product consumption numbers.  These numbers have been approximated based on the findings of two separate independent scientific studies. Click the button below to request the EPIC and copies of the scientific papers.

Be the Change :)